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Haskins Garden Centre, Snowhill


Having established itself as one of the leading garden centres in the area, Haskins Garden Centre Chain recognised the need redevelop its Snowhill centre due to a number of ageing on-site buildings inherited when it took ownership of the site in 2003.

In order to maintain its upstanding reputation, the garden centre undertook a £15m redevelopment programme, temporarily scaling down the centre and continuing to trade on a site adjacent to its main premises as of March 2019 whilst construction commenced.

An enhanced shopping experience, including a large outdoor sales area, outdoor terrace area and restaurant serving coffees, snacks and meals were planned, as well as new and improved car parking facilities to offer 346 spaces in total across the new 11,800 sqm / 8-acre site.

Working closely with Chartered Landscape Architect Floyd Matcham, GreenBlue Urban were able to assist with the planting of 20 trees of a variety of species, planted in the full RootSpace ArborSystem, complete with Root Management products, irrigation, aeration and above ground protection, an essential component to protecting newly planted urban trees in a car park scenario.

Specifying the full ​ArborSystem® ensured product compatibility and that above ground finish was not compromised. The new centre opened in Spring 2020, creating 70 new jobs in the area and bringing the centre up to the same standard as its other stores. Another successful urban tree planting project that will ensure these trees create a lasting legacy.

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