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Neue Gymnasium, Bochum


Bochum, a city in the Ruhr region, lying between the Ruhr and Emscher rivers, both tributaries of the Rhine, was established by Charlemagne in the 9th century. Remaining a small town until the industrial revolution, when the coal and steel industries became established.  These industries led to the growth of the whole region, and the population of Bochum grew to over 300,000 by the 1930’s.

Over 80% of the city was destroyed during World War 2 so little of the original architecture remains. Many buildings damaged by bombing have been repaired, but also many have been replaced.  The requirement for a new Bochum Regional Court meant that the existing Gymnasium Ostring (Grammar school) had to relocate, and it was decided that it should merge with the Albert Einstein school, which also needed a new site, and an entirely new building located near the Geological Garden was built in 2013 The ground breaking ceremony for the commencement of works for new 14,000 m² school building took place in March 2011. Unfortunately, over 100 trees on the site had to be felled for the school car parking area, and to compensate for this, 104 new trees were planted. The saplings are distributed around the school grounds, in the school playground and car park and are intended to create a green overall appearance, based on the adjacent geological garden.

Various GreenBlue Urban ArborSystem products were used here so that the trees could develop well in the hard paved areas. The GreenBlue Urban StrataCell soil cell system ensures a permanently uncompacted soil zone, while the growth of the roots is guided deeper by a RootDirector . ArborVent and RootRain aeration/irrigation systems ensure watering and ventilation of the rooting space. ArborGuy below ground anchoring holds the young trees invisibly in the ground, but allowing stem movement, encouraging root establishment and stem thickening.  And the paved tree grille withstands the high loads caused by parked vehicles and can be paved over leaving an aperture for the trunk.

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