Street Tree Cost Benefit Analysis - CPD - GreenBlue Urban

Street Tree Cost Benefit Analysis

One of the most comprehensive ‘return on investment’ guides for urban tree planting to date, GreenBlue Urban are proud to offer this CPD Seminar on the benefits of best practice urban tree planting, comparing the cost of traditional planting vs. more sustainable approaches that ensure high volume canopy cover for generations to come.
  • Canopy absorption and rainfall interception.
  • Dissipating water droplet energy and reducing temperatures.
  • Evapotranspiration – through leaf stomata – producing cooling effect.
  • Root zone attenuation – 25% of the root zone can be available for attenuation.
  • Pollutant filtration – soil and roots can manage sequest and breakdown pollutants.
  • Water transportation via deep rooting profiles to increase penetrative ground recharge.

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