Days in the big city where a great big breath would yield a mouthful of filth and smog are hopefully gone forever! Urban developers are discovering that the very healthiest thing they can do for a city’s residents is plant trees!

The benefits to green cities are endless. Being around trees and other foliage has proven to lower stress levels and improve moods. Energy levels increase and sleep is improved as well.  This psychological healing is prompting physical healing as well.

Trees are proven to boost the immune system and lower blood pressure. The increase of oxygen that we get from their foliage brings brain health as well, increasing our focus and even making a difference in children with ADHD!

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, the outdoor space is considered one of the most important design decisions in developing hospitals and assisted living facilities.  Patients recovering from illness or surgery have proven to heal faster around trees, and urban hospitals have taken notice. One newly practiced rehabilitation technique is “horticulture therapy.” In this treatment, patients care for and nurture outdoor gardens themselves. The result is significantly reduced recovery times and over all more energy in patients throughout the healing process. Foliage helps us breathe better, think better, heal better.

The scientific research is quite compelling when it comes to the health benefits of trees.  GreenBlue Urban is committed to sharing that research with developers and implementing the most effective ways to incorporate trees into urban communities. Click here to download a brochure that provides a comprehensive look at the undeniable evidence –  green communities are, in fact, healthier communities!