Atmospheric research is revealing something fascinating about trees; they entice people to spend more money! Retail spaces are finding an increase of sales when they invest in beautiful green surroundings, proving that shoppers not only want the goods, shoppers also want to feel good when buying the goods. (Click here for detailed study information!)

This research shows that shoppers will not only travel further to have a beautiful shopping experience, but they actually spend 9%-12% more money at retail outlets that provide an appealing green space experience!

There are several factors that increase the attraction of businesses when green is added to the environment. Many studies show that these spaces reduce stress and increase physical and mental health. A business environment that typically suggests urgency and agenda is suddenly transformed into a place of peace, relaxation, and cool shade on a balmy summer day. Shoppers spend more money and more time in spaces that entice them to stick around! The presence of trees immediately transforms an experience from “get it done” to “take your time and enjoy yourself”.


Store owners are finding reward in the investment of green space from their workers’ perspectives as well. These studies reveal that business locations that incorporate trees and other natural elements into their urban landscape result in higher job satisfaction and boosted productivity. Even in this challenging economic climate, they are retaining employees longer and revealing fewer reported illnesses of employees. Overall, employees are receiving the same benefits as the customers from a beautiful green landscape!

The investment of green space in your urban location is yielding some very rewarding results from business owners. GreenBlue Urban is eager to please your customers and your profits. Contact one of our representatives today.