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No Ordinary Dirt Will Do.

If you want healthy trees that is!

Have you ever wondered why trees grow so well in the forest and not so well in the center of the city? There’s one reason…soil! Without the proper amount and condition of soil, urban trees can result in expensive concrete repairs and premature death of the green space we’ve worked so hard to create.

If we want to trees to flourish in an urban setting (and for a hundred seasons) it’s essential to emulate the soil of a natural forest as closely as possible. We all know healthy trees need proper oxygen, water, and nutrients. Soil is key in providing all of this. For trees to thrive, the soil must be moist, well aerated, and…here’s the key…uncompacted.

The proper ratio of mineral particles in soil determines how compact the soil is. In urban settings, it is especially critical that the soil allows the plant roots, water, and air to move freely so that nutrients can be properly dispersed, and a root system can develop for long-term sustenance.

Other considerations for healthy soil are the necessary organic matter, and proper cation (positively charged ion) exchange. These ensure a healthy root system will deliver adequate nutrients to the tree.

There’s more to creating urban green space than transplanting a sapling into the center of a courtyard. That’s why GreenBlue Urban has compiled everything you need to consider our guide “Soil Requirements of Health Urban Trees.” Simply download this eBook and take your first steps to developing healthy soil and flourishing green space!