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The Process of Successful Urban Tree Planting

Taking you on a journey from initial planning right through to maintenance, GreenBlue Urban are excited to present The Process of Successful Urban Tree Planting, a webinar series covering urban tree planting best practice.

1 | Why We Need Urban Trees

The historical context of street trees, increased mortality over the past 70 years and factors that influence this. Covering the benefits of urban tree canopy, and vital importance of getting planting techniques right now to become prepared for climate change.

2 | The Basics of Urban Tree Planting

The essential elements to achieve success, including selecting healthy tree stock, evaluating soil requirements, both in quality and volume, ensuring both water access and drainage, aeration needs, physical protection options and need to provide a maintenance regime.

3 | Tree Pit Preparation

This webinar covers how to identify a suitable position for a tree, how to identify likely below-ground utilities, excavation methods, correct tree pit dimensions, how to work around service issues. How to check for soil porosity to decide on drainage requirements and correct installation of drainage layer.

4 | Root Management Systems

Root management options, including flat ReRoot barrier, ribbed ReRoot barrier, Root Directors and RootForm products. How to install correctly, principles of root morphology, understanding root baiting. Long term case studies.

5 | How to Irrigate and Aerate Rooting Zones

Correct product selection and installation. Maintenance, principle of water and air movement through soil. Importance of understanding tree requirements of moving water through tree pits, not drowning tree and not allowing vascular thrombosis.

6 | Urban Soil Health & Structure

Basic soil science, soil components, micro and macro pores, compaction issues, micro-biology, pitfalls of compacted structural soil systems, Bartlett Tree Labs report, beginnings of soil cell technology, RootCells, StrataCells, RootSpace developments.

7 | Tree Support

Webinar to cover the principle of underground guying, dead-man systems, plate systems, drive-in anchor systems. Correct staking options, use of the NatureTie, single, double, triple and angled staking.

8 | Tree Protection

Understanding correct use of wire mesh guards, Tree grilles including Laser cut steel, Ductile Steel, Pre-Cast, Castle, SettStone, Zeta options, Arboresin, vertical guard options. How to install, and when to remove.

9 | Tree Maintenance Protocol

Maintenance requirements for urban trees including watering requirements, tree health testing, pruning to achieve tree shape desired, clearing of irrigation inlets, soil moisture content checking, understanding of evapotranspiration rates depending on temperature and wind speed.

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