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As part of a significant regeneration project back in 2004, Tameside Council commissioned the consultants Ironside Farrar to produce engineered tree pit designs for the home zone project in Ashton-Under-Lyne.

The project involved redesigning a number of street layouts including the positioning of trees as ‘build outs’ in between parking bays. This design required the combination of uncompacted soil volume to sustain long term tree growth together with support for the engineered hard surface above.

The GreenBlue Urban ArborSystem was chosen including the RootCell structural soil module. The RootCell modules provided in excess of 92% usable rooting volume within the extended tree pit and offer complete structural support for the hard paving installation above.

The tree planting was carried out in 2004. The two images show progressive tree growth on Mason Street in 2007 and 2013. The other images show trees planted elsewhere within the scheme.

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