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Canary Wharf Crossrail Station


The award-winning Canary Wharf district has been under construction for 28 years. London’s centre of gravity will be given a further substantial yank eastward when Crossrail, the fast east /west rail link opens in 2018. Canary Wharf Crossrail station will be the largest, and probably the busiest intersection points on the line. Over 100,000 already work in the estate with many more to follow. The Wood Wharf residential project will add 3,200 new homes by 2019.

Foster and Partners have masterminded this £500m flagship station project. ‘Crossrail Place’ draws together the historical maritime, commercial and botanical dockland background. On eight floors (four of them below water level), it embraces transport, retail, leisure and a public, 5,300 square metre semi-tropical roof garden. Its position near the Greenwich Meridian is reflected in beds divided between Eastern and Western flora.

On the opening of the striking, ship like semi-open roof structure containing leisure facilities and garden, Lord Foster said: “Crossrail is an important investment in infrastructure that will have benefits not only in the short term, but also for future generations. The social magnets of shopping, bars, restaurants and a public garden are also part of an enlightened partnership between the public and private domains”.

Gillespies, a leading landscape architecture and urban design practice, were entrusted with the garden design. With a passion for creating inspiring, dynamic projects they appointed Growth Industry Ltd to deliver specialist consultancy advice on species selection.  Blakedown Landscapes were the masterminds in installation, co-ordinating specialist planting, bespoke irrigation, feature walls, a specially constructed concrete walkway, paving and seating.

GreenBlue Urban were delighted that their products, including the modular structural StrataCells affording optimum load bearing and root welfare environments, were integrated into the scheme. Along with their ribbed ReRoot root training systems these products will provide the needed soil volumes and controls for many years of potential growth and environmental benefit and deliver low maintenance requirements.

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