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Sustainability Collaboration

The responsibility of creating and maintaining our urban landscapes and infrastructure cannot be laid on any one profession. 

The realities of the modern planning and construction process mean that both the public and private sectors have crucial roles to play if our urban landscapes and infrastructure are to be sustainable.  

GreenBlue Urban works with all disciplines to help integrate green and blue innovative solutions into urban landscape, enabling successful award-winning projects around the world.

With a vision of creating healthier urban spaces, the last 30 years has seen GreenBlue drastically improve urban planting success, increased leaf canopy and successful management of stormwater – this would not be possible without the continued dedication from our collaborative partners across the industry.

Landscape Architects

We work with Landscape Architects, Planners and Urban Designers to deliver successful, high quality, resilient and award-winning landscaping projects that enable a sense of place, health and well being for all that live work and play in the community.

Our 40 years’ experience provides industry expertise in the placement of trees – our design team excel in CAD design, soil volume, species selection and stormwater solutions.

Urban Planners

We want to work with you to enable Urban Greening from the planning and design stage.

Our inter-disciplinary approach ensures that you will enable a sustainable development that you and your communities can be proud of.

Your commitment to sustainability, biodiversity and health and wellbeing is our passion. Which is why on choosing GreenBlue Urban you will have the confidence that we can assist with policy planning for all matters Green & Blue – be it planting Trees in the hardscape for long term canopy cover, Green walls to Stormwater Solutions with LID, including water storage and bioretention Raingardens.


As the market leader in urban landscape solutions, GreenBlue is pleased to offer incomparable levels of support and assistance to landscape contractors and general contractors who are required to undertake the procurement and installation of our products.

All GreenBlue products and systems are provided with detailed instructions and technical details, even demo videos to assist with the installation process.

Our technical team is happy to support at any stage of the project journey. Products are fast and easy to install, however we are always happy to visit site to assist with the installation.

We want to support your award-winning project that you can be proud of for years to come!