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Keep your team up to date with current best practice tree pit design.

GreenBlue Urban has achieved an enviable status as a knowledgeable and reliable support for urban landscape professionals in all aspects of urban tree planting and low impact development. Attentive study of urban forest and green infrastructure issues has brought together an unrivaled accumulation of ways and means to provide trees with the best possible environment in which to thrive in even the most challenging urban locations. Which coupled with stormwater management, offers new opportunities to turn stormwater runoff from a challenge to an opportunity.

Our continuing education presentations are accredited by LACES (ASLA/CSLA), ISA, LEED (USGBC), and ASCE self-reporting – and are provided at locations convenient to delegates. These networking opportunities are available to municipalities, private practices, and academic institutions without charge.

We currently offer the below four presentations. You are invited to submit your interest for one of these sought after presentations by filling out the below form.

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