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Garantía ArborAdvance

Introducing ArborAdvance – The world’s first urban tree health warranty.

With over 30 years of experience in planting trees in the urban environment, GreenBlue Urban are industry experts. We know that for reasons including those mentioned above, urban trees often fail within 5-10 years of planting within a hard surface. This is an unnecessary calamity as if a tree is chosen, planted, and maintained correctly, there is no reason that this tree should not last its species potential lifespan.

With continuing research and innovation that has given the industry the only fully compatible tree pit solution, ArborSystem®, GreenBlue Urban are so confident of the efficacy of the system that we have introduced the worlds’ first urban tree warrantyArborAdvance, which guarantees the health of a tree for a minimum 15 years.

When ArborAdvance is specified, GreenBlue Urban will supply all of the products needed including the soil, oversee the first tree pit installation, require further tree pits to be photographed during ArborSystem installation and if all is approved, provide sign off, and make sure that an acceptable maintenance programme is in place – so critical within those early establishment years.


How does it work?

Submit your drawings

Reach out to one of our technical teams with your project requirements.

Technical design & support

]Our technical team will work closely with you to design an ArborAdvance certified tree pit system.

Onsite Support & installation

Our team of skilled operatives will attend onsite installation to ensure the tree pit is assembled correctly

Once planted, a maintenance schedule will be agreed and the trees covered under the ArborAdvance warranty.

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