Planting Trees on Rooftops and Podium Decks

In our increasingly dense towns and cities, we are having to find new and creative ways to get trees and other green elements to establish in constrained situations and around and over other buildings. Many developments are now maximising the potential of the site by building below ground – car parks, storage areas or other […]

The Conservation Volunteers: Let’s Get Planting

Mini Urban Forests – for people and green spaces Trees – we all know they are good for the environment, helping to combat global warming and creating new opportunities for establishing habitats and increasing biodiversity. We also know they add to the beauty of green spaces, enhancing the mental and physical health and wellbeing benefits […]

City of Trees: Let’s Get Planting!

City of Trees is the Community Forest for Greater Manchester and is one ten Community Forests across England. City of Trees work across the whole of the Greater Manchester City region, helping to plant the Northern Forest – a project which aims to plant 50 million new trees over 25 years between Hull and Liverpool. […]

Trees as Elements for Stormwater Management

Stormwater management in inner cities has become an increasing issue in recent times, traditionally relying on grey infrastructure wastewater collection systems.  Combined sewers systems carry both stormwater and wastewater from residential, commercial and industrial sources and are often of older design and inadequate for current levels of inner-city development. Combined sewer overflows are frequent and […]

Creating Long Term Biodiversity through the Planning System

As our urban and peri-urban areas become more congested, our bio-diversity becomes increasingly degraded; in fact, apart from our ancient woodlands, there would be few zones where biodiversity is at a level that it was before the Industrial Revolution. But does this matter? And if it does, what can we do about it? The major […]

The Final Water Resilient Cities Event Peterborough, UK

It has been an incredible journey for the last three years working on the Water Resilient Cities project. The final conference was held in Peterborough, which included a site visit to one of the flagship Arborflow GBU SUDs tree pit schemes at Fletton Quays. The event was an opportunity for members of local authorities, private […]

GreenBlue’s Roadshow Finale at Bannister Hall

It was a clear crisp October day at Bannister Hall Nurseries – possibly the coldest day of the year so far however GreenBlue were delighted to see 50+ attendees eager to network and enjoy themselves at the closing Roadshow for 2019. Making the most of the outdoors prior to influx of rain and of course […]