The Story Behind GreenBlue Urban

It’s hard seeing something that you have planted die; many of us have experienced the disappointment of losing a house plant, but how much worse when the plant is a tree; a tree which has been carefully propagated, grafted, trained, formatively pruned and grown in a nursery? What about if we lose a number of […]

There’s more to managing stormwater than ‘pipe to pond’

Looks all too familiar, doesn’t it? Far too often we are seeing images across our news channels on localised and global flooding. According to the UK Environment Agency, over 5 million homes are at risk of flooding in England alone. The average cost of flooding to a home is £30k and the mental health impacts […]

Multi-Functional Blue-Green Developments

The 25-year Environmental Plan (2018) and more recently The Environment Bill (2020) has been a clear driver to connect more people to our environment, improve health and well-being and to ensure we leave future generations with improved air and water quality, create richer habitats for wildlife and of course omit wasteful pollution from landfill and […]

GBU Canada RootSpace Litigation Announcement (28 May 2021).

soil cells

GreenBlue Urban UK (then Greenleaf) pioneered the world’s first recycled plastic, load-bearing soil cell for urban tree planting called RootCell. After it was launched to the market in 2001, RootCell’s popularity grew at an unprecedented pace. Customers lauded the development as an excellent solution to solve the problem caused by tree roots damaging the urban […]

Urban Tree Planting Constraints

green blue installation

As soon as tree planting is proposed in our congested urban areas, the full plethora of challenges quickly become obvious. With over 30 years of experience in getting trees established in what can be very hostile conditions for what are essentially forest plants, GreenBlue Urban have unrivalled experience in every scenario. When planning urban tree […]

Looking after SuDS, Is Legislation Enough?

On paper, the idea of sustainable drainage (SuDS) has so much going for it for developers. It helps meet the challenges of increasing levels of stormwater runoff in an attractive, environmentally friendly way. It also allows developers to optimise land use and create environments that people want to live and work in. So, what’s holding […]

Not all Super Heroes wear Capes. (Some wear Leaves).

Trees are the heroes of our landscape. A bold claim you think? Possibly. But look at the list of benefits they bring to our lives: ecology, beauty, cooling, shade, Oxygen, removing pollutants from the air, providing homes and food for wildlife and conkers! Let’s face it, who doesn’t have a favourite tree? For National Tree […]

Introducing 9 Trees

9 Trees, as a concept, was formed in 2018 by Michael Cunningham, an experienced habitat and business manager. He was joined by Michelle Kent, in 2019, an experienced countryside and habitat manager. They are now joined by an amazing team of volunteers! The vision of 9 Trees is to tackle climate change by creating new […]

Urban Gardens Assisting in our Canopy Growth

tree protection

A report in the BBC at the weekend indicated that urban tree canopy cover is surprisingly consistently higher in urban areas than in rural ones. In fact, the areas in the UK with the highest percentage of land covered by trees are all in the South of England, Midlands and in South Wales, including some […]

Who is responsible for Maintaining our Public Trees?

urban forests

During times of economic crisis, budgets for local authority landscape maintenance have always been under threat. Viewed as a “nice to have” rather than a critical necessity, many local councils facing funding cuts year on year have had to reduce maintenance to testing to minimise future liability claims – but little or no money for […]

Are you Celebrating Clean Air Day?

Back in June 2019, communities came together to ensure Clean Air Day was a huge success. Over 600 events were organised by schools, universities, volunteer groups, businesses, families and friends; thousands of people stood up and spoke out to educate and build awareness on the damaging effects air pollution is having on our health. With […]