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Baltic Coastline Redevelopment


The town of Sopot on the spectacular north Baltic coastline of Poland recently saw some urban planting to the highest standard. Semi mature Platanus (Plane) trees were planted in an interesting grid layout for maximum effect within this urban square. The tree pits are linked together providing a marvellous resource for tree root establishment.

The crucial factor of including provision for the long term rooting volume requirements of the trees was addressed early on in the project design stage. The GreenBlue RootDirector was specified together with the structural RootCell system to quickly guide the roots to the uncompacted topsoil profile underneath the hard surface. GreenBlue ArborGuy underground guying systems were installed to ensure that the trees were suitably anchored until the roots establish and provide natural stability.

Tree irrigation and aeration is provided by the GreenBlue RootRain Precinct which incorporates a heavy duty inlet terminating flush with the paved surround. The design included for uplighters which as the photos show, make the trees a focal point in the very dramatic night time scene. This effect will continue to improve as the trees establish for years to come.

For more information on this project, contact our Poland partner, Green City Life.

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