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Founded by Saxons in the 8th century, the City of Ede, situated between the larger cities of Arnhem and Utrecht, has become a popular tourist attraction for the people of the Netherlands. Made famous for its close proximity to the Hoge Veluwe National Park, the un-spoilt parkland stretches for some 55 km2 and is home to a wealth of biodiversity

Both the city and park intersect each other, deservedly earning Ede its reputation as a 'green' city and a fantastic example of where green and grey meet. Over the centuries, continual development and lack of proper strategy had led the city centre to become unstructured and incoherent. Landscape architects BDP were called in to undertake the city centre's redevelopment, replacing tired and old building facades and strengthening the cities layout.

As part of the redevelopment along Ede's most important street, Grotestraat, Joosten Kunststoffen was asked to plant 11 trees (Ulmus Columella) with enough soil provision to last for the next 30 years. This retrofit approach to a busy and service-congested city centre meant that GreenBlue's RootSpace soil cell system was used for the tree pit systems. Chosen for its ease of working around existing services and it's industry-leading strength characteristics.

In addition to GreenBlue's RootManagement, Guying and Aeration system, a layer of ArborCell's were used at the base of the tree pit to allow free drainage of stormwater and storage for periods of drought - keeping maintenance to a minimum and creating a more drought resistance tree pit system.

The 11 trees were successfully planted in collaboration with the contractor Quercus Boomexperts and GreenBlue Urban distributor Joosten Kunststoffen. A perfect example of were Green, Blue and grey infrastructure work together to build a healthier, more sustainable urban environment for all.

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