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Benefits of Urban Trees

Below is a brief summary of just a few of the many benefits of urban trees that local authorities, developers, urban planners, architects and specifiers need to be aware of. For more detailed information please download our free Benefits of Urban Trees ebook.

Health – Urban trees have a positive impact on the incidence of skin cancer, asthma, hypertension and stress related illnesses amongst city dwellers. They also provide a number of additional psychological benefits. See our guide to the benefits of urban trees for more information.

Efficiency – One study conducted calculated that every $1 spent on tree planting, would yield $7 of savings in terms of infrastructure and energy costs.

Property Values – Urban trees can increase real estate values. Independent studies show a consistent increase in property values in tree lined streets of between 5-15%.

Crime Reduction – Researchers have discovered reductions in both violent and petty crime, including domestic violence in locations with mature urban tree planting. See our complete document for more detailed information.

Urban Forest Air Quality – Research has shown a 60% reduction in particulates from exhaust fumes, etc in streets with urban tree planting. For every 10% increase in a city tree canopy, ozone is reduced by between 3-7%. See our guide to the benefits of urban trees for more information.

Cooling Effects – One mature tree can produce the same cooling effect as 10 room sized air conditioners. This makes urban trees an effective tool in reducing urban heat islands and hot spots in cities. Trees can save up to 10% of local energy consumption through their moderation of local climate.

To learn more, download our free guide to the numerous Benefits of Urban Trees, including traffic calming, storm water management, community cohesion, carbon reduction and more.