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Bracket System

A green wall trellis system with a bracket style design.

Perfectly engineered to enhance your urban scheme, this range of heavy duty brackets can accommodate a myriad of different width bars and longer vertical lengths.


  • Wire spacing of 5½” (140mm) is ideal for lighter plants such as Clematis.
  • Simplicity of wire tensioning with wire grip.
  • All bar lengths compatible with all bracket sizes.
  • M10 connecting thread can be attached to almost any wall surface including insulated walls.
  • Wall fixings included with the bracket kits.


These brackets are manufactured from marine grade stainless steel and are enhanced by their brushed steel finish. Greening of facades, pergolas and garden spaces is an ecologically sound method of taking your project beyond the ordinary. Greening is progressively difficult in overcrowded urban scenarios whilst its importance is ever increasing. GreenBlue offers plant climbing systems coupled with superior technical advice and active support, enabling you to bring your greened urban vision into reality. This design guide has been produced to help you simply specify the solution that is right for your scheme. The use of climbing plants is a wonderful way to enhance living and working environments. Our trellis range offers a radical and effective range of components manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel which are both robust and aesthetically pleasing. A wealth of experience in the product field has lead to a range of high quality, improved brackets which can be used to create radical designs – exuding architectural flare before the plant is matured and leading onto the softening and ecological statement offered by a fully established green wall.

Length Width Height
7″ (180mm) 1.75″ (41mm) 8″ (205mm)

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