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Booths Grocery Stores – Penrith


Booths supermarkets, one of the oldest supermarkets in the UK, has a well-earned reputation for quality produce and quality service. Based in the north of England, the still family-led company has grown from a single shop in Blackpool to now having 28 supermarkets covering Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Cheshire and Manchester.

As the company expanded after the millennium, the company commissioned top architects to design new stores that were unique in their own right with superlative architecture designed to blend in with neighbouring buildings and environments. One of these stores was opened in 2011 in Penrith, Cumbria. Penrith is strategically positioned in the valley between the Lake District and the North Pennines, close to the old Roman road linking Manchester with Carlisle. The western route from England to Scotland (now known as the A6 trunk road) crosses the East-West road, the A66 in Penrith, and the town grew around this junction. The main West Coast railway came to the town in 1846, and this line is still in use for the London to Glasgow mainline service, and the station is known as Penrith North Lakes. The market charter was granted to the town in 1223, and continues to this day, although split now into a Saturday Market, a farmer’s market and a cattle auction, all held regularly.

The new Booths store was built on a brownfield site adjacent to the railway and quickly fulfilled the founder’s philosophy of “Sell the best goods available, in attractive stores, staffed with first class assistants”. Beautifully built and attractively landscaped with perimeter planting, including some Carpinus Betula trees in soft landscaped areas with underplanting. A line of Betula pendula trees was planted in hard paving in full GreenBlue Urban ArborSystems, (using the GreenBlue Urban StrataCell soil cell), which have thrived and now provides exceptional canopy cover and the subsequent benefits that only healthy trees can, and without any of the pavement heaves that is often cited as a reason not to plant in paving.

These trees are protected by Tay tree grilles and Ullswater vertical tree guards, which have clearly saved the trees from vehicle impact, and with the root management systems below ground and the Arborvent aeration systems, there is no reason why these trees should not continue to bring massive advantages to the citizens and visitors to the beautiful historic town of Penrith.

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