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Deventer is a municipality in the Salland region of the province of Overijssel, Netherlands with a population of approx. 100,000. The city is largely situated on the east bank of the river Ijssel.

The city embodies its long and rich history, with magnificent monuments, handsome squares and old museums, with a very pleasant atmosphere and plenty of opportunities for those who like to experience a city through its shopping streets, cafes and restaurants.

The regeneration of Deventer enabled a much clearer and safer  intersection. The area between the Deventer Schouwburg (theatre) and the Leeuwenbrug (Lion Bridge) has been adjusted to improve the traffic flow for public transport and all other traffic.  With many trees being planted - the area is now known as the Groene Wal and becomes the green link between the Rijsterborgherpark and the Buitengracht.

Around the Churchill square, cables and utilities have been moved and part of the canal has been filled in providing a more organized, safer and greener area for pedestrians.

The redesign will connect the new green area with other green areas. The new trees must grow into monumental trees. In order to give the roots of the new trees enough space in this inner-city area GreenBlue's Dutch distributor Joosten Kunststoffen enabled tree pits using a soil support system RootSpace to allow for uncompacted aerated soil for maximum tree growth and long term urban tree canopy cover. 

During the work, a number of unforeseen obstacles were encountered with utilities in the ground, however as RootSpace can be installed in a modular and flexible manner, the system could be adapted to the site conditions.

Onsite calculations proved that the GreenBlue Urban pavement support system including RootDirector's  and AquaCell met the expected load capacity around the new growth locations. By using the system, the roots get enough space, oxygen and nutrition to grow and without further disruption to the bicycle paths above, protecting the road surface as well as providing aeration and irrigation to the newly planted trees.

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