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Hatcher Road – Phoenix, AZ


Known as ”the desert city where the sunset stops you in your tracks”, Phoenix, Arizona recently implemented a Community Development Improvement project that included GreenBlue’s ArborSystem being installed on a ¼ mile stretch of Hatcher Road.

The project utilized GreenBlue Urban soil cells, ReRoot root management, and RootRain irrigation/aeration systems to support a permeable concrete surface and the adjacent roadway while allowing the linked tree pits to share soil volume, therefore maximizing rooting space. The RootRain System allows for the exchange of organic gases and oxygen throughout the soil spaces below the pedestrian surfaces and direct irrigation into the root zone.

Hot climates like Arizona face challenges with retaining water for supporting tree growth and compacted subbase areas below ground that deters root growth. This means that during the monsoon season that occurs between June and September, trees can be uprooted very easily, if not properly anchored by their rooting system. The GreenBlue ArborSystem maximized root growth; properly anchoring the trees’ root system in order to help prevent these trees from uprooting, while at the same time supporting the immediate growth during the planting period.

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