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Getting the right solution above ground!

We constantly find ourselves communicating the essentials of the below ground infrastructure requirements for urban trees in the hard landscape. However, the considerations above the ground are critical if the urban trees we integrate into the hard landscape are to have the opportunity to provide the essential ecosystems services to those who live, work and play in the urban realm.

How can we ensure that we have the above ground solutions that provide Specifiers with the confidence and assurance they need when designing complete urban tree packages for the public realm?

Through a robust process of research, innovation and constantly appraising our manufacturing and supply chain processes, we are confident that our answer to the above ground requirements for the urban tree will provide a long term solution that combines an emphasis on urban design and the efficient protection and natural irrigation and aeration of the tree pit.

Our above ground tree surrounds and grilles complement and enhance the creativity and vision of architects and landscape architects and enable the scheme to be raised to the highest standard of urban design.

Sandwich Quay, near Dover Kent.

Our bespoke design service puts the power in the hands of those designing and specifying so that they can have the above ground visualisation realised from conception to implementation.  With downloadable CAD drawings and NBS Specifications all easily accessible the benefits of the approach can already be seen across the UK and beyond.

In Darley Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire, the installation of tree grilles was of equal fundamental importance as the choice of paving for this important commercial area in the hub of the city was crucial to the overall approach:

Integrated Tree Grilles – Darley Street.

Working in the centre of London, Landscape Architects J and L Gibbons also required a bespoke solution for the above ground tree pit scenario. The unique, galvanised Zeta steel grilles empowered the landscape architects to attain the complete aesthetic result they required without any detriment to the long term success of the tree.

The Angel Building, Islington – London.

When revitalising neighbourhoods and regeneration of high streets in our towns and cities, we have to consider the solutions that will stand the test of time above the ground. The above ground context in our busy, heavily used urban environments necessitates that we embed resilience and quality across our suite of solutions.

Shared Space at Leonard Circus, Shoreditch – London.

The image below, taken in LB Hillingdon, Northwood Hills, perfectly illustrates how effective and neat above ground solutions compliment the wider agenda of redesigning and revitalising town centres and commercial districts.

35 carpinus betulus frans fontain trees with Precast Arboresin Paving.

Across the globe, our constant process of innovation and high quality design allows us to take on the most complex design briefs:

Stepped Planting, Integrated Solution – Chicago Riverwalk.

For every project we are committed to the long term and with this in mind, we have applied the same methodology to the above ground as below.

We are pleased to announce that we recently expanded our tree grille offering to include the Settstone precast grille, our new porous SUDs compliant solution, details of which can be accessed using the link below: