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A natural alternative to plastic and rubber tree ties that gradually biodegrades as the tree establishes.

NatureTie is used similarly to other tree tie materials, but without the need of a spacer between the tree and the stake. The spacer can be formed by the material itself. This product has many advantages over plastic and rubber, as it will not strangle the tree as the tree grows and will gradually biodegrade as the tree establishes its own roots for anchorage.


  • 100% natural material, environmentally friendly from sustainable sources.
  • Strong, versatile and fast to install.
  • Very cost-effective for large tree planting/forestry schemes.
  • Will not strangle the tree, and biodegrades within 2 to 3 years (once tree is established)
  • Reduces maintenance costs.


An alternative for small trees is to specify our biodegradable NatureTie tree tie. Made from hessian, which will break down naturally over time as the tree establishes its own anchorage. In exposed areas, it may be necessary to retie trees during the maintenance period.

Roll Length Width
240 ft (72 m) 2″ (50mm)

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