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Ribbed root barrier for directing tree roots into intended rooting zones and away from pavement and utilities.

ReRoot is a ribbed root barrier designed to keep tree roots in intended rooting zones and away from paved surfaces and built infrastructure. It protects hardscape surfaces and utilities, while also minimizing damage to the trees root system in the event of future pavement maintenance.


  • Deeper root system means greater drought tolerance and improved tree stability
  • Deeper root system is not vulnerable to de-icing salts, used extensively on sidewalks
  • Protects pedestrian curbs from root heave
  • Can be retro-fitted around recently planted trees
  • Protects tree when pavement re-instatement works are carried out
  • Easy to install, no specialist equipment needed
  • Ribbed construction prevents root swirl and directs roots downward and outward
  • Flexible design allows the barrier to curve around obstacles but is rigid enough to hold its form when backfilling
  • ReRoot jointing tape will ensure root-proof joints


ReRoot directs roots down and away from the surface, to keep roots in intended rooting zones and away from paved surfaces and utilities. They can be used to surround individual trees or groups of trees, and are also used as an interlock when joining roll ends. Using ReRoot prevents the establishment of shallow roots beneath paving, which could disrupt the paved surface in later years. ReRoot also encourages roots to a deeper more moist soil profile to support drought tolerance. Many local authorities now state in their planning policy that trees planted within 10ft of a hardscape surface that will be adopted by the council must be lined with a root barrier. This protects the pavement in the long term and the trees’ root systems in the event of pavement excavation.

Depth Length Thickness Profile
ReRoot 300 12″ (300mm) 100 ft (30m) Roll 1 mm Ribbed
ReRoot 600 24″ (600mm) 100 ft (30m) Roll 1 mm Ribbed
ReRoot 1000 40″ (1000mm) 100 ft (30m) Roll 1 mm Ribbed

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