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RootSpace AirForm

The GreenBlue Urban RootSpace® AirForm system is essentially a pavement support system – designed for maximum soil and rooting volume, to be ‘utility friendly’, with economic freight and industry-leading strength characteristics.

The GreenBlue Urban RootSpace AirForm Pavement Support System is an engineered load-bearing soil cell with optimal soil volume for maximum rooting volume as well as the ability to accommodate services. RootSpace AirForm is manufactured from 100% recycled material, designed for economic freight and is the culmination of more than 27 years experience in helping establish trees in complex urban environments.


  • Optimum conditions for soil biology maximising root growth & tree health
  • Very fast, simple and easy to assemble reducing installation time & costs
  • Designed for easy integration, and re-excavation for maintenance, of utilities
  • Minimum excavation depths required
  • Can be used close to highways due to world leading lateral performance


  • 100% recycled polypropylene
  • Only 2 main interlocking components
  • Very open format for optimal soil volume
  • Highly engineered lattice structure optimizing world lead strength v. cost ratio
  • Unique lid creates essential air zone above soil
  • Unique interlocking structural side panel


Material 100% recycled polypropylene


Code Description Height Width Breadth
GBURAC600A RootSpace 600 Upright 24″ (600mm) 20″ (500mm) 4″ (90mm)
GBURAC500A RootSpace Airflow Lid 3″ (75mm) 20″ (500mm) 20″ (500mm)
GBURSAF6A RootSpace AirForm – Mandatory component with GBURAC5600A
GBURSP65A RootSpace 600 Infill 21″ (527mm) 13″ (334mm) 2″ (40mm)


Code Description Height Width Breadth
GBURAC400B RootSpace 400 Upright 16″ (400mm) 20″ (500mm) 3″ (75mm)
GBURAC500B RootSpace Airflow Lid 3″ (75mm) 20″ (500mm) 20″ (500mm)
GBURSAF4B RootSpace AirForm – Mandatory component with GBURAC5600A
GBURSP45PB RootSpace 400 Infill 13″ (327mm) 13″ (334mm) 2″ (40mm)


Configuration Configuration height Crushing load capacity
400mm Upright 475mm 434.0 kN/sqm
600mm Upright 675mm 308.0 kN/sqm
2 x 400mm Uprights 875mm 297.7 kN/sqm
1 x 400mm + 1 x 600mm Upright 1075mm 285.7 kN/sqm
2 x 600mm Uprights 1275mm 285.7 kN/sqm

The following table gives the minimum allowable paving construction depths required to disperse a 4.5 tonne wheel load (as an example) on different RootSpace AirForm configurations (this is based on a typical macadam type road construction and the standard tree pit detail of GBU specification):

RootSpace AirForm configuration Height Subbase DTp Type 1 depth Macadam depth * Total depth
400 single 19″ (475mm) 6″ (150mm) 6″ (150mm) 12″ (300mm)
600 single 27″ (675mm) 12″ (300mm) 6″ (150mm) 18″ (450mm)
400 + 400 35″ (875mm) 12″ (300mm) 6″ (150mm) 18″ (450mm)
400 + 600 43″ (1075mm) 13″ (325mm) 6″ (150mm) 19″ (475mm)
600 + 600 51″ (1275mm) 13″ (325mm) 150mm6″ (150mm) 19″ (475mm)

* Total depth of bound bituminous layers (Minimum construction depths for a full range of wheel loads are available separately)

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