CPD Seminars

Keep your team up to date with current best practice tree pit design.

Our passion is education – we care not just for the environment but for all who work, play and live in the urban realm. The better the understanding of green and blue infrastructure and the long-term benefits will not only make a difference now but also for future generations and environments.

Our renowned CPD service is customised to suit your needs be it a specifier, planner, developer, engineer or contractor.

Landscape Architects | Civil Engineers | Consulting Arborists | Urban Designers

ASLA  |  CSLA  |  ISA  |  USGBC (LEED/SITES)  |  ASCE (Self-Reporting)

1 Hour (30 min Condensed Version Available)

Review the issues faced by urban landscape professionals seeking to make cities more sustainable and livable, and taking a look at the solutions to these challenges.

GreenBlue Urban offers a tree pit design workshop to provide landscape architects, urban planners, and contractors an overview of the principles and products available to them when designing for canopy volume trees in urban spaces.

The workshop explores tree root morphology, root management techniques, load bearing soil structure options, and tree pit design in conjunction with Low Impact Development (LID).

Case studies and planning law are discussed, and time will be allotted for attendees to ask questions or seek advice on their specific tree planting challenges.

This is an open format seminar – questions and discussion are welcome throughout the presentation, but we also allow time at the end for more involved conversations.

An opportunity to discuss current and upcoming projects, analyze applications and layouts, and get best practice guidance.

You can schedule your workshop as an onsite event or virtual only. To arrange your session, please enter your information in the form below.