Twas The Week Before Christmas: A Story of Urban Tree Planting
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Twas The Week Before Christmas: A Story of Urban Tree Planting

Twas the week before Christmas
When all through the city
Not a department was stirring
Except for one BIA committee

The street decorations
Were hung with great care
In hopes that the shoppers
Would continue to be there

But council determined
That the city’s main street
Needed a bit of an uplift
To help the holiday beat

In addition to lights and garnish
They knew more would be needed
As the street had no trees
Even though the arborist pleaded

With reluctance in mind
But a prevailing economic thought
The main street BIA
Listened to what the urban forester taught

Since it’s insisted that street trees
Be a part of the focal spot
We’ll hire a landscape contractor
And give them a little plot

We’ve done this before
Another council member recalled
And the street looked pretty good
Once the trees were installed

A small hole in the sidewalk
Is all the trees will need
The rest of the councilors
Immediately agreed

But those four-by-four tree pits
Are just not enough
The landscape architect interjected
Hoping he’d call their bluff

Those trees will never establish
In conditions like that
You need to plan a better
Urban tree pit format

Don’t worry, the councilor opposed
This scheme will work fine
And besides, they’re not worth it
Trees are just a sideline

But healthy trees offer big benefits
The landscape architect negated
To citizens and streets
Of the cities they’re located

They reduce greenhouse gases
As well as other pollution
And mitigating carbon monoxide
Trees are the major solution

Urban heat island they will help
As well as noise abatement
Just believe, I tell you
To this truthful statement

Not to mention the aesthetics
Trees bring to the street
Nothing else can make a boulevard
Quite so complete

So when the contractor began
To plant all the new trees
The landscape architect went to site
Not worried about the fees

This just cannot happen
He told the preparing tree planter
But the installer rolled his eyes
Hoping he’d stop his banter

Don’t worry said the site foreman
It’ll be cheaper this way
And with these little canopies
The street will be somewhat less grey

But it’s not going to work
Even though you’ve got the city’s backing
The tree roots will have no room to grow
Not to mention the pavement cracking

You need uncompacted soil
If you want trees to be healthy
And only that will help these
Storekeepers to become wealthy

Then without further warning
The civil engineer arrived
On no, thought the landscape architect
Now these trees will be totally deprived

I agree with the contractor
The engineer immediately declared
Roots wreck utilities and sidewalks
And I don’t want the trees spared

But I know there’s a way
To have trees in hardscape
Without all that damage and liability
That requires the project to reshape

I’ll call GreenBlue Urban
They’ll show us how it’s done
And after the tree pits are complete
The client will know they’ve won

With all of that said
A GreenBlue consultant showed up
To help fix the big
Multidisciplinary mix-up

GreenBlue understands
Each one of these apprehensions
Although we disagree
With the tree pit dimensions

ArborSystem is the answer
It’ll meet all of your needs
Even in budget pricing
It surprisingly succeeds

We’ll create an underground structure
Of load-bearing soil vaults
And the surface will be held
Without any faults

While within the assembled matrix
Roots will be able to grow
And the trees will become beautiful
For your lovely borough

Protecting built infrastructure
And nearby service utilities
Is just one of our
ReRoot root barrier’s capabilities

RootRain irrigation and aeration
We’ll include for the trees
As water and oxygen to the root zone
It completely guarantees

And to prevent tripping hazards
From traditional staking support
ArborGuy underground guying
Will prove to escort

While above ground, we’ll provide
Matching street furnishes
Like tree grates and guards
To prevent further purchases

The trees will then be healthy
The city residents pleased
Our smiling consultant
Cheerfully teased

Then he turned and exclaimed
As he went out of sight
Healthy urban trees for all
And to all a goodnight