Urban Tree Planting: Guaranteeing Long-Term Success

After almost 3 1/2 years after it was first published the Environment Bill has now been passed by Parliament as law.

A significant goal for all that includes improvements to air quality, biodiversity, water and waste reduction, halting a decline in species by 2030. With Climate Change clearly on the minds of all, companies are quickly sourcing ways to reduce their carbon footprint, many are taking to offsetting with forest tree planting which is fantastic to see, reforestation is much needed for the long term, however how can we make a difference now?


The answer is to plan, design, install and maintain for long-term urban canopy trees now!

The only way we can do this is to successfully consider what is beneath the ground to give a well-established tree the chance to survive.

Discover more on planning and specification here 

Let GreenBlue Urban support with top tips to enable a seamless process with unique technical expertise, GreenBlue Urban ensure the installation of our tree pit systems are quick, simple and efficient.

You can rest assured that we will assist you with:-

  • Complimentary design service – our team of technical experts are on hand to support you with the development of the designs that will enhance your site.
  • Ease of integration on Site – work around underground constraints with a flexible, modular soil support system that enables you to work around the services, trouble-free.

  • On-site technical support – ensures that tree pits are installed correctly at the earliest stage.
  • Quality Image – provides your scheme with long-term, mature trees – projects that you can be proud of!

  • Value for money – Avoid costly replanting with our maintenance-free ArborSystem.
  • Direct Supply – Manufactured in the UK and delivered on-site to suit your schedule of works.

GreenBlue Urban are here to work with you to make your project a success! Discover more on the tools available to help you by clicking here.