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GreenBlue – Made in Britain!

The current impacts of climate change are profusely clear, affecting millions of people worldwide, especially the vulnerable. As the crisis worsens governments need to plan and now is the time to adapt.

The multi-functional benefits of blue-green infrastructure (BGI) within our communities, towns and cities include economic, social, cultural, and environmental. Therefore, should be renamed as critical infrastructure and as we know heavily dependent on collaborative design and planning for the long term.

To ensure our towns and cities are welcoming, we need to build strong communities that provide a sense of belonging and ownership within our residential, amenity, and shared spaces, providing a quality of living and life for all, therefore a people focus approach also needs to be adopted.

GreenBlue Urbans products are manufactured from 100% recycled material.

At GreenBlue Urban we have the experience to help you plan your climate change adaptation strategy through the use of nature-based solutions in our towns and cities.

Greenblue Urban is the leading global solutions provider and acts as the interface between nature and the built environment.
Established in 1992 with more than 40 years of experience in the landscaping industry GreenBlue provides exceptional expertise & solutions in planning, design, and the installation of green and blue infrastructure in the hard landscape.

With our headquarters based in East Sussex, in the Southeast of England, we recently purchased our on-site manufacturing facility, in doing so became a member of the Made in Britain* affiliation. To gain the trusted mark seemed fitting that we resonate our brand as the UK market leader.

The GreenBlue Circular Economy

Customers can rest reassured that our ArborSystem® products are of the highest quality and manufactured using 100% recycled, recyclable materials, in stock, enabling shorter lead times, promoting the circular economy and reducing our carbon footprint.

Why chose UK Manufacturing?

Britain is known for its highly educated and skilled workforce, with expertise in engineering and technology, translating into high-quality products, along with a stable business environment, legal regulatory frameworks, and ethical and environmental considerations, ensuring production processes are sustainable. British-made products are often associated with higher levels of quality, safety, and reputation.

What are the biggest challenges of manufacturing in Britain?

Factors such as high wages, energy, and raw material costs. These costs can often make it difficult to compete with overseas manufacturers where production is lower.  The UK’s infrastructure can also present challenges, in some areas transport links and infrastructure is not as developed as they should be, albeit a key focus currently, also rising costs in fuel are all challenges in moving materials/product around the country.  Brexit and other political and economic factors have made it difficult for companies to plan and make long-term investments. However, GreenBlue has been truly fortunate in terms of the British supply of raw materials. Maintaining stock levels for immediate dispatch is our USP and we are proud to support our customers to create healthier urban spaces in harmony with nature.

With the landscaping industry still poised to see what Spring will bring, it is important that we are able to react quickly to meet our customer’s needs.

* The Made in Britain mark is accredited to businesses that sell goods manufactured or have undergone a final substantial change in Britain before the sale. All companies that apply to use the Made in Britain mark must submit written evidence that they manufacture their products in Britain.  The mark does not apply to Kerbflow inlets, ArborCell or our Verdecade Green Wall and StreetPark Street Furniture ranges.

GreenBlue Urban – Made in Britain – Creating healthier urban spaces in harmony with nature.

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