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Our approach... Adapting to Climate Change

Climate change is the greatest threat to the future of our planet, but there is still time for us to adapt to it and mitigate its effects.

It’s a known fact that global temperature records are being continually broken. According to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), the five-year period 2015-2019 was the hottest of all time. Since 1880, the average global temperature has increased by 0.85°C, sea levels have risen by 19cm and the Arctic has lost 1.07 million km2 of ice per decade*. (IPCC)

Climate change is a reality that is affecting millions of people across the world, especially the most vulnerable.

As the crisis worsens governments need to plan how they will adapt. Creating an effective roadmap to resilience is becoming increasingly urgent to ensure a safe and successful future.

At GreenBlue Urban we have the experience to help you plan your climate change adaptation strategy through use of nature-based solutions in our towns and cities. 

Mitigation Measures

Improving energy efficiency, renewable energy over fossil fuels.

Ensuring less waste - Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Using public transport and sustainable mobility.

Ecological reduction for farming and fishing.

Adaptation Measures

Replanting forests/urban trees caused by damaged ecosystems.

Integrated flood management plans.

Ensuring buildings and Infrastructure is more sustainable.

Developing effective action plans – innovative solutions to manage natural catastrophes.

incorporating nature based solutions

Responding to the climate challenge should be the prevailing objective of a local development plan and this objective should be embedded in all its policy requirements. Discover more on how we work with you.

GreenBlue Urban's Carbon Footprint Strategy

GreenBlue Urban publishes a corporate GHG Inventory Report annually in accordance with ISO14064

Reducing Emissions
Goal: reduce stage 1 direct and 2 indirect emissions by 100% by 2025.

Carbon Neutral
From 2020, GBU are committed to annually offsetting all residual stage 1 direct and 2 indirect emissions using verified UK forestry offsetting schemes

Net Zero
Goal: achieve net zero by 2040.

9 Trees Business Partner

The vision of 9 Trees is to tackle climate change by creating new woodland habitats, promoting biodiversity, creating jobs within the countryside sector and connecting more people to nature. 9 Trees is a Community Interest Company, ploughing any profits back into good schemes, training and education.

100% Recycled materials

The majority of our products are 100% recycled, virtually all contain a large proportion of recycled material.

UK Manufacturing

For the lowest carbon footprint – over 90% of our products are manufactured completely in UK.

Environment-centric products

Our whole company is built around boosting tree growth, sequestering carbon, and nature-based water cleansing SuDS systems.

Power and water use

On-site manufacturing uses solar power
All facilities here use water from a borehole in our own grounds.

EV fleet

We have a policy of moving the entire company vehicle fleet over to EV or Hybrid power.

The GreenBlue Circular Economy

The concept of a circular economy is not new – in fact, the linear economy characterised by taking, making, and disposing of has only existed since the industrial revolution. In previous eras, very little was thrown away.