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A tree planting system specifically designed to bring measurable and sustainable stormwater management benefits.

GreenBlue’s sustainable urban drainage system – ArborFlow – has been developed as an effective and environmentally robust means of managing surface water run-off. Ideal for use in urban areas where space is at a premium, ArborFlow markedly reduces the velocity and flow rate of surface water run-off in urban areas. Designed for a given catchment area it can contribute towards meeting the discharge rates allowed and set by regulatory authorities.


  • Ideal for use in an urban environment where lack of space is a problem
  • Prevents flooding as it absorbs and contains water in the tree pit system
  • Reduces the flow rate of water run-off so that the system meets authorities’ allowable discharge rates
  • Filters out harmful pollutants and contaminants
  • 100% post-consumer materials have minimal or zero impact on the environment
  • Surface water is discharged into surrounding subsoil, absorbed by roots, or flows into the tree pit’s control chamber
  • Drainage channels trap silt and other organic matter, such as leaves
  • Manages water run-off at source, or as close as possible to the point where water falls
  • Increases chances of newly-planted trees reaching their full potential
  • Design and implementation meet new planning guidelines and regulations


Crucially, the ArborFlow stormwater management tree pit system filters out harmful pollutants, collects, processes and breaks down pollutants and contaminants carried in surface water. Kerb Inlets allow surface water to pass through the tree pit.  ArborFlow’s design allows the water to be discharged into surrounding subsoil, to be absorbed by the trees’ root systems, or to find its way into the specially designed flow-control chamber positioned on the outfall of the tree pit. The soil used within the RootSpace rooting profile has been specially designed to withstand frequent short-term water logging without any change in its physical structure or chemical properties. As water is biochemically vital for the growth of a tree, GreenBlue ArborFlow gives water every opportunity to penetrate a tree’s deeper root zone – essential for its growth and full-maturity potential.  To combine storm water management within urban tree planting design achieves just this. Please contact us for further information on ArborFlow stormwater management  and the implementation of tree pit designs in SUDS.

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