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It All Begins with a Vision

At GreenBlue Urban America, we know that your urban landscape project always begins with a vision. Our job is to help you transform that vision into reality, creating a beautiful green environment in an urban setting that not only enhances the city landscape, but creates a beautiful destination for all to live, work and play. We truly understand what it takes for trees to survive in an urban setting, and we are passionate about planting trees in a sustainable system in which they can thrive for generations to come. Our turn-key ArborSystem Tree Pit Packages can simplify your design project for any tree size, and our expert consultants can guide you for your specific needs every step of the way. We work with Landscape Architects, Urban Planners and Contractors, offering numerous solutions to urban landscape design and stormwater management. 

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Addressing Urban Challenges


Our engineered tree pit systems are able to act as Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems for water filtration and attenuation.

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Urban trees improve the lives of everyone who lives, works and plays in the urban environment.

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From increasing retail footfall to lowering energy bills and combating urban heat island effect. The benefits of urban trees are almost endless.

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Our latest case studies

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Our key products

Soil Cells

A soil support system – designed for maximum soil and rooting volume.

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root management

Ribbed root barrier for directing tree roots into intended rooting zones and away from pavement and utilities.

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Irrigation inlet for hardscape surfaces to facilitate water and oxygen into tree root zones below pavement.

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Underground tree guying system that is safer, more effective, and more aesthetically pleasing than traditional staking.

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RootRain Urban

A large capacity irrigation system with a fixed grid inlet for tree planting in softscape.

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tree protection

The complete tree pit package – from soil cell to tree guard.

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