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Arbor System – Urban Tree Pit Planting Packages

The GreenBlue Urban ArborSystem® - Urban Tree Planting Package brings together the key elements of successful tree pit design and simplifies the design and installation process for specifiers and installers.

At GreenBlue Urban, our focus has been to assist trees in their struggle to establish and reach maturity in urban areas around the globe.

As the pioneer of soil cell systems, and market leader in urban landscape tree pit systems, our ArborSystem® – Urban Tree Planting System provides the components that urban trees require to establish, survive, and thrive in the harshest of urban environments.

Based on feedback from landscape architects and urban designers, we have combined the components of ArborSystem into pre-configured tree planting packages.By using our pre-configured tree planting packages, landscape professionals can use the ArborSystem tree planting systems to combine soil cells, root management, aeration, irrigation, and tree anchoring components – all in a single package. With our pre-planned capacity there are no complicated measurements. We use 100% recycled plastics.


By utilizing ArborSystem, landscape designers can:

The ArborSystem – Urban Tree Planting Package consists of the following elements:

RootSpace® Soil Cell System

Plastic modules that support the pavement above, while preventing the planting soil from becoming compacted (manufactured with 100% recycled plastics, preventing these plastics from ending up in the landfill).

RootStop™, ReRoot™, RootDirector™

Root management systems to prevent root damage to pavement surfaces, utilities, and below ground infrastructure.

RootRain ™ Rootball and Soil Aeration/Irrigation System

A system of pipes and inlets that allow water and air to reach the soil and rootball quickly and effectively.

ArborGuy™ Tree Anchoring System (optional)

A below ground system for anchoring and stabilizing new trees.

Tree Grates and Guards (optional)

Tree protection that will help protect your tree and provide an aesthetically pleasing accent to any project.

Each tree planting package contains the following: overview brochure, dwg file with 3-4 tree pit layouts and section detail, and CSI specifications.

GreenBlue Urban ArborSystem Tree Pit Packages 200-1200

ArborSystem Size Soil Volume Depth Options
200 Small 200 ft3 16”/24”
400 Small/Medium 400 ft3 24”/40”
600 Medium 600 ft3 24”/40”
800 Medium/Large 800 ft3 40”/48”
1000 Large 1000 ft3 40”/48”
1200 XL – Memorial Tree 1200 ft3 40”/48”

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