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Meet the team that makes it possible to create healthier urban spaces in harmony with nature.

Dean Bowie

Dean Bowie


Dean founded GreenBlue Urban Limited as Greenleaf in 1992. He is passionate about urban trees being given the best possible resources and environment in which to thrive and travels the globe propagating his enthusiasm to governments and local authorities.

More recently, Dean has developed his expertise to integrate Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDs) technology with optimum Urban Tree Pit design, championing the movement into storm water management utilizing urban trees.

Jacob Nearly, Warehouse and Logistics Manager, NA

Jacob Nearing

Warehouse and Logistics Manager

Jacob joined GreenBlue Urban with 20+ years of logistics experience as the Warehouse and Logistics Manager in 2022. He is responsible for managing all the transportation within the US, monitoring stock levels of inventory and working closely with our partners. Happy to be a part of a team helping create a greener and more sustainable future.

Kaitlyn Carmichael

Administrative Assistant

Kaitlyn joined GreenBlue in 2023 as the Administrative Assistant, working with project plans and providing estimates, as well as dipping her toes into marketing. She has found designing in CAD and collaborating with our tight knit team to be very rewarding, and she loves seeing how GreenBlue helps transform the concrete jungle into a greener, more beautiful place.


Kevin Truan, Head of North American Operations

Kevin Truan

Head of North American Operations

After spending 30 years in operations at his family business in TN, Kevin has engaged with other family businesses looking to expand their footprint.  As head of North American operations for GreenBlue, his time is spent in marketing, finance and people development while keeping his pulse on the sales.  “The vision and possibilities for GreenBlue to improve our planet are limitless!”

Kris Burnett - NA Sales Support

Kris Burnett

Sales Support

Kris joined GreenBlue Urban in 2022 as sales support for North America. She manages marketing outreach projects and coordinates Continued Professional Development events with industry professionals. With a background in real estate and property management, providing the best “customer” experience is always at the forefront of her work. With a love of all things animals and nature, Kris considers being a part of a company providing such critical benefits to our environment a “dream come true”!

Matthew Werle, GBU USA

Matthew Werle

Technical and Business Development Consultant

Matthew Werle is a Technical and Business Development Consultant at GreenBlue Urban, where his background in green infrastructure helps create sustainable cities across the United States. Matthew’s experience in low impact development and urban forestry have fostered relationships with landscape architects, civil engineers, and other related professionals across the country, facilitating his goal of educating designers, specifiers, and policy makers about the benefits of healthy urban trees. His key focus being to relay the importance of understanding the techniques that ensure the successful design, establishment, and ongoing maintenance of green and blue infrastructure, in order to reap the long-term benefits of sustainable design.

Roy Bowie

Roy Bowie

Managing Director

Roy gained his product knowledge in the warehouse when he first started at GreenBlue Urban, working his way into the estimating role, before becoming an Account Manager and is now the Managing Director.

Roy directs and controls the company’s operations giving strategic guidance and direction to the team to ensure GreenBlue Urban achieves its missions and objectives.

Ryan Burnett, Sales Consultant, NA

Ryan Burnett

Sales Consultant

Ryan has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business and Administration from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His journey from college took him on a road dedicated to sales and marketing development. With over 25 years’ experience in business to business sales, a gift in relationship building and a passion for taking things to the next level, GreenBlue Urban proudly welcomed Ryan onboard April, 2023!

Shane Carpani

Shane Carpani


Shane is a Consultant with GreenBlue Urban and works with landscape architects and civil engineers to create livable urban spaces through successful urban tree design and sustainable stormwater management.

When Shane’s not working on streetscape projects or lecturing at landscape architect programs, he’s on road trips and exploring nature with his wife and three kids.