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Stormwater management is the process of reducing urban runoff of rainwater to tackle issues of flooding, erosion and infrastructure damage. Increasing the instances of pervious surfaces throughout the urban environment is one solution to this problem.

Low Impact Development (LID) systems are designed to: manage stormwater locally (i.e., as close to its source as possible), and manage pollution risks resulting from urban runoff. LID systems mimic natural drainage and encourage its infiltration into the ground, storing storm water on site to be released slowly.

The implementation of LID is now demanded by authorities as a prerequisite of planning considerations, from early site evaluations, design, and environmental-impact assessments. These need to be designed early in the design process, taking into account site conditions and geology, master planning design and environmental impact assessments.

GreenBlue Urban’s stormwater management solutions are designed to replace conventional piped drainage designs with green infrastructure such as our ArborSystem® Urban Tree Pit Systems. Our solutions are sustainable, eco-friendly and ensure that trees are healthy, mature, and strategically planted.

The ArborFlow suite of products are a result of over a decade of research and development, guaranteeing compatibility and cost-effectiveness. These unique products are designed to help overcome the challenges when combining green and blue infrastructure. They fully enable the green infrastructure to mature to its full potential.

Many of the products used within ArborFlow systems are also used in standard tree pit solutions. Products are manufactured from 100% recycled material.