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Stormwater Storage

Using GreenBlue Urban’s Pavement Support System for stormwater storage is a cost-effective and versatile alternative to dry-wells, underground tanks, and other storage options. They are load-bearing for pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and are extremely modular and able to accommodate any design configuration.


  • The most cost-effective underground stormwater retention/detention system
  • Over 97% void space
  • Exceeds AASHTO H20 rating for vehicular traffic with minimal surface
  • Provides approximately three times more volume than a stone mixture
  • Can be used under any surface including permeable and impermeable



Rated for maximum vehicular traffic with minimal surface, GreenBlue Urban stormwater storage modules are the strongest large underground modules, while providing the most void space for stormwater storage on the market (at over 97%), allowing you to reduce excavation costs while maximizing storage volume. The modules are simple to install and limitless in their configuration in order to accommodate subsurface infrastructure such as utilities and services.

GreenBlue Urban storage modules can be easily modeled with the HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System, allowing simplified calculation of the chamber’s storage and infiltration behavior. The HydroCAD Chamber Wizard also performs automated chamber system layout, and simplifies the process of designing a chamber system meeting specific storage and footprint requirements. Click here for details.


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