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Blue Springs High School, Blue Springs, Missouri


Blue Springs High School located within Blue Springs, Missouri, is home to over 2,500 students and dedicated staff and is the largest high school in the state of Missouri. As part of the school’s expansion, a substantial stormwater storage tank was required.

The Landscape Architect Land3 Studio recommended the use of the RootSpace system for the required stormwater management. After reviewing GreenBlue Urban’s system, MKEC Engineering specified the high strength RootSpace Pavement Support System for the necessary stormwater storage tank with a capacity of 21,152 ft³ because it was a beneficial and cost-effective alternative to other traditional stormwater storage options.

Stormwater management is the process of reducing urban runoff of rainwater to tackle issues of flooding, erosion and infrastructure damage. The RootSpace Pavement Support System is rated for maximum vehicular traffic with minimal surface cover, perfect for use under the heavily utilized High School Parking lot. The RootSpace modules are the strongest large underground modules, while providing the maximum void space for stormwater storage on the market (at over 97%), allowing for reduced excavation costs while maximizing storage volume. The RootSpace modules are simple to install, limitless in their configuration in order to accommodate subsurface infrastructure such as utilities and services.

GreenBlue Urban is proud to offer an unparalleled level of service, ensuring our clients always have the support they need. GreenBlue Urban was privileged to work closely with the design consultant/engineer and provide input on the design of the 79’ x 63’ x 4’ storm chamber resulting in a full set of detailed layout drawings being provided for the installing contractor

“The GreenBlue Urban representative that came to site to support the installation was very helpful and got right into the pit to help us assemble the system. It was extremely easy to use, and my guys really enjoyed putting it together. I’m looking forward to using this system on another project in the future.”
Site Foreman, She Digs It

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