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Opened in November 2014, this £5.5 million scheme was funded by Bromley Council, Transport for London and The Mayor’s London Fund, it involved greatly improving traffic flow accompanied by regenerating the village atmosphere to stimulate and encourage new independent traders.

East Street and Market Street in particular were remodelled with new granite paving, street lighting, additional trees and outdoor seating. A significant increase in the number of shoppers availing themselves of the attractive new facilities and outlets testifies to the clear success of the long-planned improvements.

A key feature of the scheme was the planting of a very large specimen tulip tree (Liriodendron) weighing three and a half tons. Paved urban areas constitute a challenging environment for the growth to potential of such trees with at least one in three failing to survive more than ten years from their planting.

As a contributor to the reduction of carbon dioxide as well as the obvious environmental benefits of a fully developed leafy canopy, tree welfare has become the subject of much research and product development.

GreenBlue Urban, in collaboration with universities, landscape architects and other professionals, has developed systems to enable trees to flourish through the avoidance of soil compaction and provision of adequate irrigation and ventilation. Simultaneously, the problems of pavement heave and service duct disruption through root intrusion are solved with this design engineering.

Interestingly, both Bromley Council and the architects Studio Egret West approached GreenBlue Urban independently. The determination to ensure the optimum soil conditions resulted in a very large, bespoke, tree pit management system. GreenBlue Urban’s Stratacell load bearing structural modules with Twin Walled Geonet overlay ensures the integrity and sustainability of the dedicated tree root soil volume. Backed up by GreenBlue Urban’s Arborvent and RootRain Precinct systems this magnificent tree should flourish for many years and stand as a focal point of the revitalised village environment.

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