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A typical recent project, completed in the spring of 2010 involved the replacement of ageing and failing tree stock along the High Street of an East Coast town. The trees planted previously were creating trip hazards leading to claims on the local authority and were also very diverse and uneven in growth pattern due to the varied ground conditions they were encountering.

The decision was made to replant the High Street in conjunction with other civil engineering upgrade works which were scheduled to take place.

The tree pit design agreed on was based on a GreenBlue Urban standard package incorporating additional RootCells and Arboresin Precast tree pit surface segments instead of the standard tree grille design.

Design flexibility was required for the layout of each individual tree pit due to the unpredictable locations of some of the underground services. The RootCell modules proved ideal for working around obstructions and creating high value rooting volume for the trees long term health.

The contractor and client expressed satisfaction with GreenBlue Urban’s on site support service and the speed with which the tree planting packages were assembled.

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