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Stockton City Centre


GreenBlue Urban Ltd welcomes the opportunity to congratulate Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council on the completion of their transformation and revival of the town centre environment.

Stockton-On-Tees grew in the industrial revolution but suffered from expanding out-of-town retail and leisure facilities. In 2012 the council adopted, a £38 million, in-house designed, Master-plan.

64 semi-mature trees, an impressive water feature, new paving and lighting, transformed the urban environment. The Stockton Flyer, an animated sculpture, celebrates Stockton’s railway heritage. The success of the scheme is reflected in the many new businesses and the upgraded existing outlets which have restored the historic High Street to its rightful prominence.

GBU StrataCell load-bearing modular tree-pit systems provided adequate root environment and safeguarded utilities. The Council’s Urban Designer said ‘It was important that the new trees got the best start in life’. GBU Castle inset tree grilles ensured paving continuity.

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