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Tree Planting Packages


Product Compatibility

Ensure product compatibility and avoid costly delays onsite by specifying one tree planting package


Workaround below ground constraints and onsite limitations with ease by using the GreenBlue RootSpace system.

Onsite Support

Our team of skilled operatives are always on hand to assist with the first tree pit installation to ensure each project is a success.

Support &

GreenBlue Urban offer an easy-to-access support service, tailored to provide the backup and assurance specifiers need. We appreciate that many of today’s building projects can be very involved and complex; involving many fields of expertise of which the actual tree planting may be just a part.

Smart Space

Street Furniture
Bankside Guard Seat
Park Benches
Bicycle Stands
Litter Bins
Barrier Pillars/Bollards
Information Boards
Multifunctional Tree Surrounds



Air Cleaning Planter