Soil Cells vs Structural Soil: Analyzing Soil Under Pavement

What is the best way to promote tree root growth in the soil under a sidewalk? It’s a question that landscape architects, civil engineers, and arborists from cities large and small have investigated over many years. Through such consideration, alternate solutions to increase rooting volume for street trees have been created with varying degrees of success. In […]

Tree Roots in Soil Cells

In July 2011, GreenBlue planted a Tilia cordata ‘Greenspire’ tree in a hard landscape paved area, as part of a training and research program. The tree was photographed during the planting process and the exercise was part of a detailed study into tree root morphology in root management products, and new root extension into uncompacted soil in structural cells.

Suspended Pavement for Urban Tree Growth

Urban areas can often be completely covered by one hardscape surface or another – which when not considered for properly can mean a nonexistent presence of trees in cityscapes. Given the enormous social and environmental benefits of trees, urban landscape professionals consider methods suitable for planting trees in urban areas. Suspended pavement over noncompacted soil […]

Trees as Sound Barriers

It is a well-known fact that noise can reach unhealthy levels in urban areas. Cities across the world have acknowledged the impacts of noise pollution and enacted by-laws and best practices to battle this increasing environmental issue. Trees and other planted sound barriers serve to soften the visual effect of a barrier, as opposed to […]