Utilities & RootSpace Guide

To date, GreenBlue Urban systems have helped over 450,000 trees thrive in urban areas around the world. Given the nature of working in the built environment, many of these projects involved integrating utilities into the RootSpace system and the other components of the ArborSystem. GreenBlue Urban systems were designed to accommodate a wide variety of utilities and […]

ArborSystem Specification

ArborSystem is the world’s leading complete urban tree planting package – providing an easy solution for specifiers and installers. It covers everything a tree needs to mature in an urban environment without damaging built infrastructure – including RootSpace uncompacted soil volume, RootRain irrigation and aeration, ReRoot / RootStop root management, ArborGuy rootball guying, and tree […]

Filler Soil Specification

Healthy soil is vital to tree health. A healthy growing medium is defined as an amended existing topsoil that contains organic matter, a typical clay content of ›25% by mass, is capable of sustaining vigorous plant growth, and complies generally with the typical uses of AS 4419 (2003). It should also be free from unwanted […]

Specifier Reference Manual: Book 6 – Green Wall Systems

Using climbers to create living walls is an interesting solution for enhancing private living and business spaces. Trellis technology from GreenBlue helps you to find the optimal solution. We would like to support you in planning and implementing your trellis design.

Specifier Reference Manual: Book 3 – Root Management

While we need trees within our cities – to provide shade, reduce the heat-island effect, clean the air and house wildlife – preventing tree roots from interfering with infrastructure is an on-going issue. The most effective solution is to direct tree roots away from surrounding infrastructure and services.

Specifier Reference Manual: Book 1 – The Benefits of Urban Trees

Designed to assist landscape architects, civil engineers and consulting arborists, each booklet addresses a key aspect of achieving sustainable green space in urban contexts. Scientific and technical issues are outlined then linked with available solutions and implementation.

Sustainable Infrastructure, Issue 14

In this issue: Pioneering “Shared space” — Case Study: Leonard Circus, London W2 WSUDS: Water Sensitive Urban Design Improving the urban environment: Trees and Retail Sales On the waterfront — Case Study: Navy Pier, Chicago

Sustainable Infrastructure, Issue 15

In this issue: Crossrail at Canary Wharf Case Study: Canary Wharf Station roof garden Tree planting reduces flood risk Improving the urban environment Economic benefits of trees in the urban environment Trees and consumer response Green Grid System Collaboration with existing tree root protection supplier

The Process of Successful Tree Pit Design

Urban tree populations in cities around the world are on the decline. For over 23 years, GreenBlue has been arming landscape architects and related professionals with proven tree planting methods and best practice techniques to ensure the successful establishment of our urban tree populations. Now, having already made a decision on planting location and tree […]

Sustainable Infrastructure, Issue 13

In this issue: Case Study: Pan Am Village Development of the Urban Landscape Case Study: Pulaski Road Case Study: Union Station Feature Article: Sustainability Product Focus: ArborSystem Industry News: Shared Space Green Infrastructure

Sustainable Infrastructure, Issue 12

In this issue: Case Study: Walkerville BIA Development of the Urban Landscape Case Study: I-95 Virginia Case Study: TTC Leslie-Barns CPD Seminars Product Focus: Stratavault™ Industry Editorial Green Infrastructure

Accommodating Services within the StrataCell Matrix

Services are frequently encountered during construction of tree pits. There are four main methods for creative service ducts through StrataCell structural soil cell tree pits, as described in illustrated in this guide.

Root Management Overview

Trees planted in urban settings often require root systems to be directed below the level of hard pavements and road curbs, to prevent costly damage due to root heave. Once a road pavement surface or road curb is broken, water penetrates and encourages further shallow root growth, and the extent of pavement damage escalates rapidly. […]

GreenBlue Product Overview

We help create sustainable cities through urban tree planting, green infrastructure, and sustainable stormwater management. Our program of continuous product development, conducted in conjunction with overseas partners, and our world-class manufacturing processes, ensures that specifiers and clients can rest assured that the systems we offer for urban planting.