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IOT And Testing

It has historically been difficult to reliably assess what is happening in the rooting zone of a tree. Whilst core sampling can be useful, it only gives us information at a point in time, rather than informing us of the changes over time, and during different seasons. Modern sensor technology, with state of the art communication equipment has been installed at the Gospel Hall development adjacent to our HQ in East Sussex.

Rainfall data is collected at a weather station, with monitoring points within the soil, and at the outfall point, allowing us to calculate both the attenuation volume and discharge reduction from the ArborFlow tree pit systems.

This data assists with Sustainable Drainage calculations, informing us of the different evapo-transpiration rates for each season, and confirming the efficacy of green infrastructure when used as part of a drainage system.

One important part of the GreenBlue Urban philosophy is to be able to prove from data that the solutions we provide are efficient and cost effective. At the Gospel Hall site adjacent to our Head Office we have installed rain measurement equipment, as well as outflow monitors to the ArborFlow SuDS tree pit system. The graph shows how the rain events (Blue line) are recorded, and how the outflow water responds (Red line). The lag time is clearly demonstrated – attenuating as well as treating the water, and making it clean enough to discharge it into a nearby watercourse.

Case Study: Gospel Hall, Compass Park

This case study brings us back home to our very own Head Office in East Sussex. After many years of consultations and negotiations, the land adjacent to our Head Office Building and Manufacturing Plant was obtained for developing a Gospel Hall, allowing the local community to gather.