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Discover GreenBlue Urban’s cost effective, cutting-edge solution that addresses a myriad of challenges associated with stormwater management, ranging from reducing peak flow rates from roofs, complex SuDS designs to reducing CSO spills.

SuDSPod offers a versatile and innovative on plot attenuation approach that benefits new developments, and can be seamlessly retrofitted to private, public housing and service buildings.

The patented design is the next generation of a traditional drain-down vessel, delivering industry leading attenuation performance, providing in some cases up to five times its own storage volume.

With a focus on simplicity, effectiveness, and adaptability, SuDSPod delivers on all four pillars of SuDS as set in the CIRIA SuDS Manual Guidance and is poised to transform the landscape of drainage systems.


  • Suits most downpipes.
  • Fast and simple install.
  • Failsafe design.
  • Homeowner-friendly maintenance.
  • Attractive cladding options.
  • Positive ecological impact


  • Contribution towards reduction of CSO spills through intelligent on-plot attenuation.
  • Potential sewer upgrade avoidance through highly effective peak flow attenuation.
  • Maximise land values through reduction of downstream retention pond/tank size


SUDSPOD12X5ASuDSPod On-plot attenuation raised planter 1200mm x 500mm with tanlised timber slat
SUDSPOD12X5BSuDSPod On-plot attenuation raised planter 1200mm x 500mm with tanlised timber slat
cladding – colour/finish to be specified by customer.
SUDSPOD12X5CSuDSPod On-plot attenuation raised planter 1200mm x 500mm without cladding.


  • 100% recycled polyethylene

Additional Information

  • Intended to manage 30-year return period storm for a 50sqm roof subject to location.
  • Accurate modelled data currently in development.
  • Live trial projects for long term testing currently in development – please enquire if you have a project you feel
    would be suitable to undertake a trial installation in partnership with GreenBlue Urban


We’ve compiled some of your most frequently asked questions into a simple to download and browse document.

How SuDSPod Works

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