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A tree planting system specifically designed to bring measurable and sustainable stormwater management benefits.

GreenBlue Urban’s compact SuDS tree pit system – ArborFlow – has been developed as an effective means of managing surface water run-off through tree pits. Ideal for use in urban areas where space is at a premium, ArborFlow markedly reduces the velocity and flow rate of surface water run-off in urban areas. Designed for a given catchment area it can contribute significantly towards achieving target discharge rates set by regulatory authorities.

ArborFlow is an ingenious multi-functional system combining stormwater capture, stormwater storage, silt/debris capture, root control, primary irrigation and tree grille all on one easy to assemble, robust unit.


  • Manufactured from 100% recycled materials
  • Integral silt/debris trap for easy maintenance
  • System includes integral tree grille
  • Internal faces act in the same way as GreenBlue Urban’s Root Directors
  • Integral irrigation system for the tree


  • Compact assembly ideal for space-constrained locations
  • Provides a high level of flood prevention and water cleansing
  • Attenuates water run-off flow rates
  • Possesses all the benefits of GreenBlue Urban’s Root Directors
  • Optional range of tree grilles available   e
Code Description Nominal size Stormwater
GBUABF100A ArborFlow 100 Series SUDs System c/w 4 Side Sections 1000mm x 1000mm 202 ltrs
GBUABF200A ArborFlow 200 Series SUDs System c/w 6 Side Sections 1750mm x 1000mm 293 ltrs
GBUABF300A ArborFlow 300 Series SUDs System c/w 8 Side Sections 1750mm x 1750mm 384 ltrs


• Trough: Recycled HDPE
• Gulley/Grating: Galvanised Steel
• Tree Grille: Galvanised Steel and Precast Arboresin
• Fixings: Stainless Steel

Accessories Available to order:
• Spare joining brackets & fixings pack
• Corner section c/w all components
• Side section c/w all components
• Mastic

Bespoke options:
• Gulley gratings can be designed and manufactured to order to match existing aesthetics / architectural designs
• Gulley gratings can also be manufactured in different metals, e.g. bronze, stainless steel; or powder coated in any colour
• Larger configurations can be created from individual components, or installed in linear applications

• 6 monthly inspection – cleaning out debris and silt as required

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