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Cool Towns Project Monitoring

The tree pit installation at Maynard Avenue, Margate, Kent was carried out as part of the Cool Towns pilot study, designed to evaluate different options to help reduce the effects of Heat Stress in urban areas. Whilst the trees and the cooling effect are being monitored by the EU Interreg program and participating universities, GreenBlue Urban have invested in below ground water outflow monitoring equipment.

This measurement enables us to map the drainage discharge rates, and compare them with rainfall data, thus increasing our knowledge and ability to accurately design SuDS enabled tree pits that will be resilient to climate change.


Our Partners


The Cool Towns cooperation is made up of 13 European partners with the goal to combat the negative effects caused by climate change within our towns and cities, through the innovative use of green and blue infrastructure.

With GreenBlue Urban’s experience and expertise in integrating urban trees into the hard landscape and the multiple benefits these trees can bring to all those that live, work and play in the urban environment, GreenBlue is proud to support the Cool Towns initiative.

The Cool Towns cooperations is funded by the Interreg 2 Seas Programme 2014 – 2020, in collaboration with academic research institutions and governmental organisations.

Useful Resources

The Cool Towns Roadmap 2022

This is a tool to help organisations, and particularly local authorities, to develop heat resilient strategies.

Thermal comfort assessment at street-level scale

This document covers Thermal comfort assessment at street-level scale.