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Street Furniture

Over the years, GreenBlue Urban has repeatedly relayed numerous worldwide studies on the importance of having trees in retail areas; proving that the presence of healthy mature trees positively influences shopping behaviour.

Studies have shown that customers are prepared to pay 9 to 12% more for goods and services in a shopping area with large, well-cared-for trees. In addition to providing accessible, inviting green space for recreation.

Whilst we put long-term green infrastructure at the heart of everything we do, our innovative solutions now extend to street furniture. – StreetPark provides architects, landscape architects, local authorities and contractors with a high quality, design led and purposeful range of unique street furniture collections, designed to further enhance public realm urban tree planting and landscaping projects.

With a range of benches, bollards, bicycle stands, planters, grilles and even bus stops GreenBlue are creating resilient high quality outdoor spaces that connect people with people and with nature.

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GreenBlue Urban offer an easy-to-access support service, tailored to provide the backup and assurance specifiers need. We appreciate that many of today’s building projects can be very involved and complex; involving many fields of expertise of which the actual tree planting may be just a part.