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Co-Funded Trial Tree Pit

Implement and monitor an advanced tree pit system with funding, design, and installation support

The benefits that urban trees bring our cities (environmentally, socially, and economically) is clear and undeniable, with municipalities seeking to create beautiful tree-lined streets and other urban green space for residents and visitors to enjoy. GreenBlue Urban’s load-bearing soil support modules enable trees to thrive in completely paved areas by providing enough uncompacted soil to allow the required space for roots to grow (without damaging surrounding infrastructure). The entire ArborSystem urban tree planting system is made from 100% recycled plastic, and offers sought-after Low Impact Development opportunities – meaning stormwater discharge is slowed at the source, reducing the risk of flooding, while filtering out pollutants and providing trees with the irrigation benefit of rainwater delivered to their root systems.

GreenBlue Urban supports municipalities with a demonstrated commitment to green building best practice with its Co-Funded Tree Pit Trial Program.

The Benefits:

The benefits of engineered tree pits are clear, but environmental data and growth figures are subject to significant variation due to geographical influences. Conducting a pilot project in your region enables you to measure growth and environmental data, in the climatic zone of your choice. Multiple pilot projects allow you to compare several variables, before selecting the most successful solution for further implementation.

GreenBlue covers a significant portion of the cost, as detailed on this form, to enable field testing of latest tree growth and stormwater management systems in your region.

What You’ll Get:

  • 2 hours of design consultation including LID stormwater management
  • Complete fully dimensioned CAD drawings
  • A comprehensive report, including:

1) Recommended soil volume based on tree requirements and water harvesting
2) Cost analysis based on design requirements
3) Recommended soil specification

  • Discount on the total cost of the system
  • Complete installation manual
  • 4 hours free onsite installation training
  • Case study on the project, including photos


“Our demonstration project allowed us to see and work with the ArborSystem first hand. While our trial focused on just one street tree, we considered the system to be of value in large scale, new development.”
– Karen Weibel | Borough of Lititz, PA

“It was very helpful for GreenBlue Urban to provide materials. Coordination with the team at GreenBlue was good all along the planning phase as well as during construction.”
– Guy Trudel | City of Montreal, QC

“Forward thinking products well engineered.”
– Neil Fitzpatrick | ALC/UCC Site Constructors

“GreenBlue Urban had no hesitation in providing products and design information for the pilot project in our downtown. We are in the process of doing this trial because the city is interested to see first-hand the benefits of tree growth and stormwater management in these systems.”
– Keith Payne | City of Peterborough, ON

“This is a very good system for dealing with the problems associated with urban trees or the problems generated by Local Government Engineers.”
– Rob Guthrie | RPS Group

“I use their root barrier because I know it works. They supply it easily and it’s cost effectively. I have always found their service pleasant and helpful. I know the research and development of their tree planting vault systems is sound and I have seen it used well in specialized landscapes. I also know the senior people and find they have a very ethical business model, counting customers first, helpful and trustworthy.”
– John Atkins | Treeology PL

“These products are quality and help to enrich the urban landscape & promote plant growth.”
– Lyndon Slavin | Outerspace Landscape Architects

How to Apply:

To apply for a Co-Funded Tree Pit Trial, contact us today.