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30 Years of Industry Collaboration

GreenBlue has always been proud to innovate, communicate and collaborate on many levels and those that know us would agree, being keen educators, we have had to adapt during these past 2 years to a new way of working, thankfully the digital age is a wondrous thing and we have grown alongside it.

Our CPD offerings have developed to take a hybrid approach by using online platforms and presenting in person. This method has been exceptionally successful and has allowed multiple offices from the same firm to join online nationwide.

As we say, education and growth are essential for continued professional development, with a certificate to add to your professional training evidence on categories including; Best Practice Tree Planting, Trees, SuDS, Return on Investment, Landscape Below Ground and Mitigating & Adapting to Climate Change. We openly offer the opportunity of understanding our research outcomes and 30 years of expert knowledge to a wide range of industry professionals!

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GreenBlue’s Howard Gray presents a CPD seminar to students of Sheffield University.

Great CPD session, loved hearing the results of the tree pit research and seeing the real-world examples of the various tree planting projects across the UK and Europe.

GreenBlue host a multitude of webinars that have welcomed intellectual speakers from across multiple disciplines discussing a variety of topics from Biodiversity, Planning and Retrofitting SUDS, and Climate Change, these recordings remain publicly accessible on our website.

One of our most popular webinars to date was titled ‘A guide to carbon storage potential of Tree Species’ in which we collaborated with Treeconomics and Barchams Tree Nursery. Keith Sacre from Barchams introduced Carbon Tags, to monitor how much carbon an individual tree can capture, providing a carbon performance certificate, to support planners and specifiers with their tree species selection.

Working alongside Treeconomics (an employee-owned enterprise that assists tree managers and communities to provide sustainable spaces for trees). Kenton Rogers addressed the most common question that arises when planting trees in the urban realm:

What is the return on investment?!

Collaborating on our publication:The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Trees, clients, developers, and specifiers can assess the annual return on investment for street tree planting – by comparing standard street planting to those in RootSpace systems over a 50-year period. Treeconomics have also produced the useful ITree tool that demonstrates the right tree, right place synopsis, supporting mapping and tree planting benefit estimations enabling our industry to understand the benefits of urban tree planting further.

The Landscape Institute (LI) is the chartered body for the landscape profession, an educational charity, promoting the art and science of landscape practice. GreenBlue Urban have supported for many years, promoting healthy urban spaces be it through the many in-person events, prestigious awards ceremonies or collaboration with key professionals offering CPDs through their online education platform “Campus.”

GreenBlue also enjoys collaborating with Pro Landscaper Magazine and has launched an insightful campaign to help improve biodiversity within supermarket car parks. The Green Up Campaign is committed to seeing more green and less grey in supermarket car parks and is proudly sponsored by GreenBlue Urban, Idverde and Hillier Trees.

This month’s publication features a pull-out supplement celebrating GreenBlue’s 30 Year Anniversary, where we highlight product innovation, introduce the team, and promote successful case studies – keep an eye out for this fantastic publication and our upcoming celebratory events!

As members of The Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG), we are pleased to attend and listen to insightful discussions from a range of speakers using their online platform. TDAG aims to bring together individuals, professionals, academics, and organisations from wide-ranging disciplines in both the public and private sectors to improve knowledge and good practice to support the role of urban trees through better collaboration in the planning, design, and construction and management and maintenance of our urban places. We are enthusiastic to collaboratively host a Birmingham Walking Tour in late August 2022 alongside TDAG, showcasing a number of our flourishing case studies in the city centre.

GreenBlue is an expert in the realm of Stormwater Management with the introduction of the ArborFlow tree pit solution and the Hydroplanter, Hydroplanter Flex Raingarden solutions, working with professionals such as Anthony McCloy we have produced modelling guidance and are soon to launch our own innovative SuDS Calculator!

Working alongside CIRIA (Construction Industry Research and Information Association) and Susdrain, we recently collaborated with Louise Walker, in our latest webinar Resources for Resilience. As an environmental scientist Louise highlighted the invaluable SuDS Manual and The B£ST Benefits Estimation Tool, both critical resources in the design and implementation of SuDS, be it retrofit or new developments. Even more so with the recent announcement of Schedule 3 in the UK.

Providing designers with the tools to get some realistic likely eco-system benefits from nature-based solutions is yet another weapon in the battle against mediocre stormwater management and with the continual support on offer from Sudsdrain change is on the horizon for the benefit of all. Discover more and tune in to the SuDS Awards on the 14th July!

Without collaboration across the sector, these beneficial tools to support our industry would not be possible. Sharing knowledge and skillset amongst others is the key to creating healthier urban spaces for all to live, work and play.  We would like to encourage collaboration across all disciplines of the landscaping journey process and encourage businesses to get in touch and use our platform to promote their current workings on our hugely popular webinar series.

As part of our 30th Anniversary we are soon to launch our NEW Edition 10 – Urban design Guide, request your copy today!!